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Juni 2020


Vox Power now ready for IEC/EN 62368-1


Vox Power Products Approval to IEC/EN 62368-1 The introduction of the new hazard based standard for ICT (Information & Communications Technology) and AV (Audio Visual) equipment will become effective on December 20th 2020.

IEC/EN 62368-1 will replace the outgoing IEC/EN 60950 & 60065 standards, hence existing and new products which are sold into these markets will need to be investigated for compliance prior to approval to the new IEC/EN 62368-1 standard. Vox Power has completed an investigation into its existing products compliance with the new safety standard and can confirm that all NEVO and VCCM series products are compliant with the new hazard based standard IEC/EN 62368-1.

The Vox Power online documentation (safety certificates & declarations of conformity) will be updated shortly to show the latest version of the UL files for the affected products.

If any further information is required regarding the transition to the new IEC/EN 62368-1 safety standard, please contact RepComp.